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Milena Stanoytcheva

Two-time US College Champion. Finalist for the national girls tennis championship.

Training period: 1994/2003

Orlin Stanoytchev

Orlin is the most successful Bulgarian tennis player until 2011 and the first to enter the top 100 of the world rankings. Davis Cup competitor. He has had five singles and five doubles tournaments in his career. He has played in all Grand Slam tournaments.In 1999, at the ATP International Series Tournament in Mallorca (Spain), she beat 22nd in the world rankings Albert Costa with a score of 6-3 6-7 (3) 6-3, which is the peak in the history of Bulgarian men's tennis. He subsequently lost to Juan Carlos Ferrero 3-6 6-7 (4). After finishing his racing career, he captained the Bulgarian Davis Cup team (2003-2005).Three years after quitting professional tennis, Stanoytchev reached the finals of the Futures Tournament in Geneva in 2006.
Training period: 1995-2010.

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Lubomira Bacheva

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Lyubomira Bacheva is European champion for girls under 14 and 16. in 1989-91. and received the European Tennis Association's Most Advanced Professional Award. In 1992, it reached the rankings of 130 in the Women's Tennis Association and was again named the most progressive athlete of the year. Lubomira is an integral part of the Bulgarian Fed Cup team. She made her first appearance in 1993. She has beaten many top 20 competitors in the world - Kim Clijsters, Annabel Medina-Gariges, Chanda Rubin, Emily Loa, Francesca Skiavone and Anna Smashnova. In 1998 he recorded 56 doubles positions, and in 1999 he reached 68 in the WTA. In 2001. at the tournament in Berlin in a team with Asa Carlson removed in the second round the star couple Arancha Sanchez-Vicario and Martina Navratilova


Georgi Belorechki


Anatoli Stoyanov


Neda Mihneva


Denica Aleksandrova


Penka Fileva

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Davis Cup 1998 Bulgaria - Luxembourg 5:0

Participation as the personal conditioning coach of Orlin Stanoichev
Group 2 meeting Europe / Africa - Playoffs

Davis Cup 1999 Bulgaria - Togo 5:0

As a conditioning coach of the Bulgarian National Team

Group 2 Europe / Africa Group 1 Round

Devis Cup 2000 Bulgaria - Greece 2:3

As a conditioning coach of the Bulgarian National Team
Bulgaria - Greece 2: 3
Group 2 Europe / Africa Group 1 Round

Davis Cup 2000 Bulgaria - Israel 2:3

As a conditioning coach of the Bulgarian National Team
Group 2 meeting Europe / Africa - Playoffs

Devis Cup 2001 Bulgaria - Togo 3:2

As a conditioning coach of the Bulgarian National Team
Group 3 meeting Europe / Africa Round 3

Davis Cup 2001 Bulgaria - Macedonia 3:0

As a conditioning coach of the Bulgarian National Team
Group 3 meeting Europe / Africa

Devis Cup 2001 Bulgaria - Bosnia and Herzegovina 3:0

Conditioning coach of the Bulgarian National Team
Group 3 Match Europe / Africa Semifinals

Davis Cup 2001 Bulgaria - Egypt 5:0

As a conditioning coach of the Bulgarian National Team
Group 3 Europe / Africa Group 3 Final Match

Davis Cup 2003 Bulgaria - Ukraine 3:2

As a conditioning coach of the Bulgarian National Team
Group 2 Europe / Africa Group 1 Round

Davis Cup 2003 Bulgaria - Yugoslavia 1:4

As a conditioning coach of the Bulgarian National Team
Group 2 Europe / Africa Group 2 Round

Milen Dimitrov


Tzveta Panayotova


Galia Mihaylova


Georgi Yordanov


Radoslav Lukaev

Davis Cup competitor.
He reached No. 21 in the 2000 World Junior List. In the same year, he played the Wimbledon Junior Semifinals, where he lost to Nicolas May.
He is the only Bulgarian to overcome the qualifications of a Grand Slam tournament. In 2002, he played in the first round of the US Open after qualifying and was eliminated by Nikolay Davidenko with a score of 4-6 6-1 4-6 4-6.
Best Tennis Association (ATP) result # 229 in 2002
Currently, Lukaev is a coach at Nick Boleteri's school.


Ivaylo Traykov

Ivaylo Traikov is a five-time winner of the state personal tennis championship (1996, 1997, 1998, 2004 and 2006).
Davis Cup competitor. Playing Captain of the 2006 Davis Cup for Bulgaria
Traykov has a number of victories against top 100 ranked players: Jan Hernich, Tomasz Zib, Raymond Slyther, Fernando Gonzalez, Florent Sera, Nikolai Davidenko, Vladimir Volchkov, Michael Berer, Mikael Lodra, Marcos Onrushev, Feelings Melzer, Nicholas Almagro et al.
Top Ranking in the World Men's Tennis Association (ATP) Ranking 211 in 2003
In 2006 he was named by the Bulgarian Tennis Federation # 1 of the year.


Todor Enev

Davis Cup competitor, where he is a record holder for appearances with the Bulgarian team. It has 25 wins and 19 losses.
He plays semifinals and finals at almost every major junior tournament.
In 1996 Todor Enev was selected as Europe's No. 3 tennis player by the age of 14 (after Paul-Henri Mathieu and Tommy Robredo). [1]
He has been a finalist for the 1999 Wimbledon Youth doubles with partner Jarko Nieminen, with the final losing to No. 1 Guillermo Coria and David Nalbandian with a 7-5 6-4 result.
In 2000, he reached No. 2 in the World Junior rankings after Andy Roddick. In the same year, he won the Junior Open of the Italian Open and the Orange Bowl in the United States (informal World Junior Championship), beating Bruno Soares in the final. Finalist for the doubles of the Banana Bowl tournament in Brazil.
He made his men's debut in 1997 on the satellite tennis circuit in Sofia, where he lost in 3 rounds of qualifications.
In 2007 he became the Republican Men's Champion. In 2008, he achieved success mainly in doubles, winning two tournaments and four being a finalist. In early 2009, together with Grigor Dimitrov, they won futures in Hollywood.
Best Ranking in the World Tennis Association (ATP) №252 in 2004.


Ilia Kushev

Davis Cup competitor.
Three-time Republican Tennis Champion and two-time Zagorka Cup Champion (2004 and 2005).
Holds 6 Tournament Titles (ITF) Futures and Satellite Tennis Chains.
There are two singles titles from the state personal championship in 2003 and 2005 and two doubles titles from 2004 and 2007 with Jordan Kanev. In 2002, he won the national championship in the singles hall. In 2011, he won the doubles title and doubles in tandem with Yordan Kanev, the pair Ivaylo Traikov / Yanaki Yanakiev.

Top Ranking in the World Men's Tennis Association # 271

I have a two-week preparatory camp with Elijah for his participation in the Davis Cup in 2004.


I worked with Jean-Claude in 2003 during the Zagorka Cup satellite circuit

Elitsa Kostova

Kostova's best accomplishments in 2007 were reaching the semifinals of the $ 10,000 prize pool in 2007 in Limoges, France and Jesse, Italy. In the same year she was selected by the Bulgarian Tennis Federation as the most progressive tennis player.

In 2008, he reached the final of the Antalya tournament, starting with qualifications, but lost dramatically from the first placed in the scheme. In June, she won her first ITF Tournament title in Alcobaca (Portugal). He participated in the European Championship for girls under 18, where he won a bronze medal. In 2009, she won her second title at the Le Havre Tournament.

In mid-2010, Kostova achieved her best results so far, playing the finals of the Mont-de-Marsan and Contaminant Monjois tournaments with a $ 25,000 prize pool. She lost the first final to Czech Petra Tsetkovska and the second to Andrea Khlavavkova. These successes have earned her a new top ranking in the world rankings for women. In October 2011 she managed to win her first tournament title of this rank in Dobrich


Martin Shishkov


Constantin Sturdza (Swiss)


Lia Todorova


Iren Koceva


Tsvetan Mihov

In 2010 he was invited to the Davis Cup team of Bulgaria for the match with Monaco. He is a competitor of TC Levski.

He is a two-time winner of the doubles tournament at the Prince Cup in Florida in 2006 (with Angel Mirchev) and 2007 (with Andreas Neykov).

In 2007, at the European Under-16 Championship in Le Touquet, France won third place with Andreas Neykov, Marcel Radev and Grigor Dimitrov (Grigor participates in the qualifiers but does not play in the final tournament).

In 2008, he won the national mixed doubles championship with Julia Vielieva, and in 2009 she is the Republican singles champion and defends her mixed doubles title.

His best men's ranking is reaching the semifinals of the 2009 Dobrich Futures.
Since the end of 2010, he is a student at the University of Oklahoma.


Grigor Dimitrov

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I had the opportunity to meet Grigor in the fall of 2008. in Basel (Switzerland), at the invitation of Orlin Stanoichev. With the team we formed, we were tasked with holding a 22 day recovery camp that included two tournaments in Germany. See the 2009 interview for more details. given in 7 days sport.

Интервю за в.7дни спорт през 2009г.pdf

Nikol Hristova

Nikol Hristova is one of the talented young Bulgarian tennis players. It is the discovery of perhaps the most successful Bulgarian tennis coach Julia Berberian. The 18-year-old performed well in 2011, and her biggest success was winning the final of the Masters season, organized by Devin.

This allowed her to participate in a prestigious tournament abroad of her choice in 2012. Christ's most significant achievement is the quarter-finals of the 2010 European Championship.


Ivon Mihaleva


Един тренировъчен ден от програмата на Белмекен.pdf

Stefani Arsova


Elinor Mihaylova


Mishel Trichkov


Gabriel Evtimov


Boris Popov


Martin Atanasov

Top Ranking in the Tennis Europe Rankings for Under 14 Teens - 175th place.
Best ranking in the rankings of Bulgaria for adolescents under 12 years. - 1st place. Up to 16 years - 3rd place


Milen Yanakiev


Desislava Mladenova

She is a competitor for the Fed Cup team of Bulgaria, with assets of one win and two losses.




Част от тренировъчната програма на Вики.pdf

Asen Dimitrov


Denislav Gochev


Zlatka Papazova


National championship tennis Switzerland, vice champions 2012

Dimitar Popov-Junior


Nanko Markov


Anthony Genov

# 2 in the world rankings by the age of 16 in 2018


Stefan Luckanow


Isabella Shinikova


Roben Gavani (Beni)


Tennis Club Vector


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Benjamin Niv

Training session with Beni, before the tennis tournament in Doha-Qatar November 2019!!!

Gergana Topalova

от 2020 до 2023 г

Nikolay Bunchev


Magi Kuncheva

Ralica Aleksandrova